Final effects, ambient sounds, and professional color correction are added to turn your "video" into something cinematic. Checking for any final changes.

All footage is imported, organized and backed up the day after your wedding for peace of mind.

Your film is finally complete and ready for viewing on the big screen!! Make sure to have the tissue box ready for you and your family!

Because it can take up to two months to view your film, I wanted to offer something for you both that would be easily sharable on Instagram for friends and family. Introducing Instagram mini's, the best clips from your wedding custom tailored over audio into three videos. So now you can get hyped for what is to come! Oh yea.....and your family too!

Because your film is designed to highlight your story, sadly not every clip or everything that was said makes it into the final film. This is why I give every couple the option to purchase the raw footage directly from me.

This means you will get every raw, unedited clip from your wedding day on a personal drive mailed to you. This will also include all audio files from your vows and toasts so you will truly have every moment!

Example where the couples GoPro footage from their elopement trip was incorporated into the film