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-Before starting in the wedding industry I was in the corporate world working for Bowflex. At the age of 22, I was the youngest on the floor. Selling 11 million dollars during my five year tenure. Actively involved in new hire training for new sales reps. Also preparing students for the national and regional sales competition in the US. There is a right and wrong way to approach your couples, let me teach you!

-Building a full time wedding business one year after first picking up a camera is surreal! However, building a sustainable business is far more important. I now spend zero dollars on advertising and hit my annual income targets every year. Only working a true 40 hours a week as an added bonus. I am very confident my reality can be yours as well! You should run your business not your business running you!

-I would consider my 20's to have been highly successful but I am always looking forward. Now being 30, a big passion of mine is education. Having mentored photographers/filmmakers from all parts of the world and seeing their success. Its been one of the most humbling undertakings I have been apart of. My only goal is to make sure you succeed!

When I switched from the corporate world into the wedding industry, I quickly realized most have the creative side down, but are often lacking and struggling on the business side! My goal here is to help you break down the business wall step by step. Between your marketing, the dreaded initial couple video call. Having a screaming efficient workflow to get your life back and so much more! All of these areas are crucial and will define who you are as a business owner!

Storytelling through a camera in itself is an art. Each and every person has a unique way in bringing a story together. With wedding films its on an even deeper level because audio and movement are involved. Giving the couples story an added depth you just wont get with photos. We have all had moments where we feel stuck creatively. Don't know where to start. How am I going to bring this all together? I want to share my strategies with you and approaching a wedding film in a proactive way. Expanding your tool box and putting your films on another level.

Camera technology has made massive leaps in the past couple years. Higher quality clips, larger dynamic range, being able to shoot raw. But with that comes new challenges. Many filmmakers struggle when it comes to color grading or trying to find a cohesive look. Hoping the latest Lut pack (money grab) will do the trick. I want to dive in and explain my approach when it comes to color grading and make it feel way less intimidating. Getting the look you want in a short amount of time, lets do this!

I am very confident after our session you will leave motivated, inspired and ready to tackle the obstacles that are in your way. If for some reason this is not the case, I will gladly refund you the full amount.

Investing in yourself you are always going to win. Mentoring is $150 for a one hour video call with me. We will go over anything and everything you are struggling with in your business. I am about to HYPE you up!

We will hop on a video call and dive into what you are wanting to learn. My goal is to jam pack this hour with great content for you and hold nothing back. Its time to grow!